I’m getting a fully produced demo. What will I get when I’m done?

After approval of the main mix (either via mp3s or a live remote mix session using “audiomovers”), I will send you a high resolution WAVE file (24 bit, 48 kHz) of the Mix, BGV mix (no lead vocal), and the track mix (no vocals at all).

I’d really like to be a part of the whole production, from beginning to end. Can I do that?

Of course! If you’re in town, I will block off the time, and you can attend the session using an hourly fee structure. That will allow you to have the most control and input in the process.

If you are outside of Nashville, we can do the same thing over “Zoom” and “AudioMovers”, again using an hourly fee structure.

I’m a singer and just need you to make the track for me. Can we do that?

Yes! Just fill out the form on the home page and let me know that you need a track produced for you, and we can begin making a plan that works right for you!

I’m getting my songs placed in film/tv libraries, and they’re telling me I need to provide “stems” or “alternate mixes”. Is that something you do and can help me with?

Absolutely! I’ve have a lot of experience working with various libraries as well as sync world. Usually it’s something like “we need a drum only stem, guitar only stem, vocal only stem” etc. I just need to know what your particular library or production company needs, and we can make it happen.

Once I’ve received the mix, can I put it on spotify, youtube, etc. since I’ve paid for it?

The short answer is “it depends”.

If you haven’t specifically asked for and received a signed “buyout” license agreement, or a “work for hire” from us, you may not use it for that purpose. It’s still considered a “demo” until you have those agreements. Always bring that up at the beginning of the demo process if that is your intent.

Myself and most of the musicians I work with usually have no problem signing a work for hire, or “WFH” for short.

Most times, it’s the vocalist that will either not sign an agreement, or ask for additional money to sign one.  You just need to let me if you are considering that, so we can make sure we have all of our bases covered!

I want to get my song placed in a film or TV show. Can I do that?

I have a great number of clients who have had success getting their productions from our studios in films and tv shows!

BUT you must have signed Work for hire (WFH) or Buyout agreements from us in order to do that. Just let me know up front if you intend to do that. And as mentioned above, the only folks that might cause a hiccup on this matter are the vocalists, so just be sure to let me know as we proceed!

I want to get my song placed in a film or TV show. Can you help me do that?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t currently have a music supervisor or film/tv pipeline setup to help writers like yourself make that happen. But let me know if that’s something you would find helpful! I’m always wanting to find things that can help my clients out!

Can you recommend a song plugger or song pitching service?

Unfortunately no.

Can you help me setup some of my equipment?  I don’t live in Nashville.

Yes!  Thanks to today’s technology I’m happy to work with you to help you navigate today’s technology and helping you get your equipment setup as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Contact me to find out how!